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I forgot to blog yesterday.

Posted Tuesday, September 19, 2017, at 1:47 PM
Donating blood with my right arm and trying to highlight an article with my left. Careful observers from Dr. Cormier's class will note I am going over LAST week's reading TODAY...

It's the fifth week of the semester and I have not found my rhythm.

Extra things keep popping up. Jimmy's Friends, the volunteer organization I started, advise and participate in, is back in action in the Saint Francis NICU after a semester's hiatus due to the mumps outbreak. It's taking some extra work to get that going again, but I am so happy to return to my two hours of holding babies each week. We also were asked to start a version of the organization to help patients on the neuro and rehab floors, so that keeps e-mails flying. We found out the first week of school that Modern Languages will be merging with our department, so there have been extra meetings to attend and documents to create for faculty associated with that change. I have my doctoral classes to keep up with along with my teaching. I had the awesome opportunity to interview Venus Williams for the Speakers Series. I ran the City of Roses Half Marathon with My Team Triumph, helping to push a person with special needs, which exercises my body and brings joy to my soul. I haven't spent enough time with my kids, but I am trying to have more family outings and read a chapter of Harry Potter every night with my youngest daughter. And I have joined with some other people who feel what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr referred to as "the fierce urgency of now" to create a community and student Interfaith Alliance, as well Community Conversations, a gathering we have been having on Tuesdays at 6:30 at Cup N Cork.

There's so much to write, teach, grade and DO. I don't know if my schedule will ever reach predictable and comfortable as I just keep trying to carpe the freaking diem. I think the most I can hope for is to not get too behind on what is required of me and to be gentle with myself if I do. I tell you this, dear readers, so you know faculty struggle with work-life balance and prioritizing just like you. We are victims of imposter syndrome and trying to do too much. We run late. We get overwhelmed. We're teaching and we're learning. Every day.