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I Can Has Fall Break Plz?

Posted Sunday, November 5, 2017, at 9:50 PM
A stack of grading for the classes I teach and a stack of reading for the classes I am taking in the EdD program.

A couple years ago, the decision was made to move our two day fall break from midterm and add it to the three day break at Thanksgiving. There are benefits to this new arrangement, but right about now, it feels like we have been going full speed for a long time and we still have two more weeks before we get to slow down. I kept thinking I would get a grip on this semester and find my groove, but here I am, still a hot mess as we enter week 12. Adding the EdD coursework to my regular workload has contributed to that. The blessing of new majors in our health communication program has meant more hours advising. My need to promote social justice has led to some extra evenings away from home, as have the emergency meetings, memos and reports that go along with the budget cuts/responses to proposed reorganization at our department and college level.

I am sure you could provide a similar list of assignments, events and other obligations that have you stressed out too. But you know what? I feel a little better just writing about them. I think I am going to take a deep breath, tuck my kids in, then do a vinyasa and go to bed. I'll get up early and grade that next folder full of rhetorical analyses with a cup of coffee. What kind of self care can you do to recharge and refresh so you can tackle your next project with renewed energy?

I won't judge you if you go watch that funny cat video, my friend. Just have your persuasive speech outline ready to workshop if you are in my SC105 class, okay?