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Impact, Improve, Include: SGA Senate is in Session!

Posted Sunday, September 10, 2017, at 5:31 PM
Senate is back in session! Our senators spent their day getting ready for the 2017-2018 school year! Join us tomorrow night at 8 p.m. for our first senate meeting!

It’s always sentimental to say farewell to summer and begin the first semester of every year, but particularly so when it is your last first semester here at Southeast! Sad sentiments aside, the fall semester brings with it an awe-inspiring energy and a newfound eagerness to start classes, meet new people, dive into what’s happening on campus, catch up with returners, spend all your flex in two days, and of course, start promoting yourself and your respective organizations at the lovely amalgamation of networking events across campus the first few weeks.

If lingering exhaustion doesn’t get the best of your organization during this process, the wrath of the August humidity in tandem with campus hills will, as you rush around trying to make it from place to place carrying display boards, branded signage, forms, promotions, and candy, if you could afford it. But there is fun in the turmoil and it is all worthwhile at the end when you befriend some strangers and perhaps take a liking to someone who thinks your organization is pretty nifty, wants to learn more, and get involved! This was precisely the case with the Student Government Association this year!

Coming back from a very productive summer and an exhilarating retreat, members of the Executive Board were ready to start hyping up SGA to fill the handful of remaining seats on our senate. After all Special Election and First Year Senator applications were submitted, a selection committee, made up of three savvy senators and the Vice President, spent a week interviewing prospects and inevitably selecting senators for those seats. Eager for spring elected senators to mix and mingle with the newbies and officially start their senate session, senators had to attend an intensive initiation (senate training) just yesterday.

The initiation was comprised of an ideal combination of leadership, some SGA themed ice breakers, and personality assessment along with an intro into our organization, vision for the year, senate and standing committee structure, parliamentary procedure, dress code, social media policy, a mock senate session, team expectations, and of course, senator 101.

With plenty of moving, grooving, laughing and blooming, it was fulfilling to see so many focused and fresh and returning faces welcomed into our organization. As an impartial entity and collaborative think tank that works together to come up with solutions and provide funding for organizations to enhance and improve student life, many are impatiently anticipating their first committee and first senate meetings tomorrow and are thrilled to finally get going!