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Monday Morning Inspiration October 2, 2017

Posted Monday, October 2, 2017, at 10:57 AM

Truth be told we all are afraid of something. However, if you want to be where you need to be and do what you are destined to do, you must push past fear. Fear has a strong hold on you, and you don’t even know why. You have allowed fear to be a part of your living quarters for so long it has become part of your being. Every time you attempt to step out on faith and live your dream, fear creeps in. It comes in various forms, so don’t let it fool you. Today, it could be you talking yourself out of taking the next step. It can be your husband, wife or best friend telling you to forget about it because you have waited too long. It can be that pain on the right side of your shoulder that you get from making yourself believe you are not worthy. It can be a number of things, but one thing is for sure, as long as you allow it to stay in your house, it will remain.

It is time to take a walk with fear. It is time to let fear know that it has worn out its welcome. It is time to say goodbye and never let it allow you to be so afraid that you settle. Why are you settling? Why have you allowed fear to control you? Why have you given fear so much power? Take that power back and begin to start anew. Greatness is upon you, and you better act like it. I see that smile on your face. I see that glow in your essence. I see all that you are meant to be. I see you embracing what is next. I see you envisioning your success. I see you experiencing all that life has to offer you. I see you loving you, honoring you, respecting you, and appreciating you. I see you.

Now I need you to stand in the mirror and see yourself. Look at yourself and honor where you are and who you are. Do not make excuses. Do not walk away. Just stand there breathing in and out, reflecting on your past, enjoying the present, and seeing what the future holds. As you breathe out, release all fear. As you breathe in, opportunities arise. You place your feet on solid ground, stand tall, walk with integrity, distinction, and prosperity. You walk fear to the door and tell it, I fear you no more; your presence is no longer needed. Fear leaves and greatness begins. You are the “ESSENCE OF EDUCATION” from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet you transcend excellence.