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Monday Morning Inspiration October 16, 2017

Posted Monday, October 16, 2017, at 10:14 AM

Say it all starts with me. Whatever is going on in your life is a result of the action you took or the action you did not take. There comes the point in time where you have to look at what you are doing and evaluate how it impacts your life. If what you are doing is beneficial to your overall growth and development, it would be wise to continue doing it. However, if what you are doing is not in your best interest, it would be wise to stop doing it and take the necessary steps to change. Change happens naturally, but as human beings sometimes we impede the process of change, because it may cause pain. When an individual lacks understanding instead of embracing discomfort, they run away. Running away hinders progress, and by running away the problem never goes away it just lingers. This results in the individual resorting back to doing what they feel most comfortable doing, even when they know engaging in the behavior is destructive.

Again, say it all starts with me. When you say me, you cannot point the finger at anyone else but yourself. Self-reflection is a must if one is looking to grow. When you do not take time to reflect you become stagnant. When one is inactive, there is no movement, and without movement, you go nowhere fast. In essence, you merely are standing by watching time pass you by. Time waits for no one. So, if you genuinely desire to be the best you can be you must take the necessary steps. Talking about it won’t make it happen, and dreaming about it means you are fast asleep. You have got to be wide awake in the here and now. You have got to own the moment and take advantage of the opportunities that lay in front of you. Until you decide to take action, everything will remain the same. Once you have the courage and will your life will forever be changed. While this gesture appears to be simple if it were that simple everyone would be willing to change. There is nothing simple about being the best you can be. Being your best is work, and if your work ethic is piss poor, you are piss poor. What are you willing to do today to be the best you can be?