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Monday Morning Inspiration December 3, 2017

Posted Monday, December 4, 2017, at 10:15 AM

When all else fails, just teach. When you think what you are doing does not make a difference continue to teach. When it gets hard, and you don’t think you can do it any more simply teach. When people question why you do what you do just teach. As people continue to polarize education discussing the good, bad and ugly, just teach, teach, teach. Teachers are ROCK stars, and you would not be where you are if it were not for a teacher. These are trying times in the educational field, and people are on edge. From high stakes testing to schools closing to the overrepresentation of students of color in special education classrooms, teachers need us to stand with them and not against them. What is your stand on the teaching and learning process? Do you support teachers? Are you willing to help make sure teachers are able to teach, and students are able to learn? What is your take on the educational divide?

These questions and much more require that we reflect, analyze and evaluate what is taking place in the American public school system. We have come a long way, yet there are still several areas we can improve in. Until all teachers have the necessary resources, support, and ongoing training to enhance the growth and development of their students and themselves, we will lack excellence. To have excellence, the system in which teachers teach must be excellent. In case you didn’t know all systems are not created equal, and separate is still unequal. A level playing field in every classroom would provide each teacher and student with the opportunity to experience success. Is this asking too much; after all this is the land of the free and home of the brave, so we say. Well, freedom still ain’t free, and for the brave souls that fight for the country sometimes the country does not illustrate its gratitude. In the midst of this struggle, teachers keep on teaching and elements of society continue to condemn.

I challenge anyone of you reading this to go into one of America’s public schools and teach for a month. Some of you would not last five minutes. If teaching were as easy as some bureaucrats make it out to be everyone would be teaching. Need I remind you that everyone is not teaching, and everyone cannot teach. Teaching is not for everyone. We all play a role, and the role of a teacher is priceless. Sit back for a minute and ponder about your favorite teacher. What impact did this individual have in your life? How did this teacher influence you? What strategies and techniques do you implement today as a result of having this teacher? How can you continue their legacy?

Whether you went to school in the U. S. or another country, your life is forever changed because of a teacher. Whether the school was private, parochial or public your life has been and will forever be impacted by a teacher. A teacher has empowered you. A teacher has inspired you. A teacher has honored you. There is some teacher that has helped you understand “THE ESSENCE OF EDUCATION” and the lessons of living, loving and enjoying life. Today send a shout out to your favorite teacher and simply thank them for teaching.