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A Quality Education: Monday Morning Inspiration February 5, 2018

Posted Monday, February 5, 2018, at 1:12 PM

One of the greatest gifts life can give to each of us is a quality education. A quality education is a fundamental human right. This basic right affords each of us with opportunities to further our lives and experience what it means to be great. What it means to open a book and read words. What it means to add, subtract, multiply and divide. What it means to differentiate fact from opinion. What it means to have the capacity to understand. Education is the bedrock of what is yet to come. Education brings life into lost souls and opens doors that were once closed. It inspires growth and development and encourages the power within. Education is a means to an end. It rocks the mind, body, and soul.

As you reflect on what education has done for you and what it continues to do for you, remember always to have a want, need, and desire for education. Without an education, life is meaningless. An uneducated mind is thirsty. To fulfill that thirst, the mind absorbs what it is fed. If the mind is fed unhealthy habits, it exhibits unhealthy habits. If the mind is fed proper nutrients, it stimulates growth and development. Growth and development move you in forward motion, and by moving forward, you allow your life to experience great and marvelous things. In essence, you experience what life truly means as your education has blessed you with options.

Options mean you have choices and several individuals have limited choices because they did not fully understand the importance of a quality education. Think about how much better you are today as a result of you taking your education seriously. Now think about where you would be if you did not value education. Recognize “The Essence of Education” allows you to be the best you can be. Live, love and enjoy your life and remember you would not be where you need to be without an education.