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Documentary looks at Christian homosexuals

Thursday, November 18, 2010

After being nominated for numerous awards including the HBO Audience Award, the documentary "For the Bible Told Me So" comes to the Glenn Auditorium on the Southeast Missouri State University Campus.

This documentary focuses on five Christian families who are either parents of or have parented gay children. It provides frequently cited scripture in regards to homosexuality, and goes through the emotional process of both being the child growing up gay and the parents feelings towards their children's lifestyle. It goes through the journey of the parents coming to terms with their children's new way of life while still being people of faith. For this event, there are quite a few organizations that are co-sponsoring it. These include the Gay Straight Alliance, the Social Work Club, the Diversity Coalition and the Department of political science Philosophy and Religion. President of the Gay Straight Alliance, Jack Luecke said she thinks sponsoring the movie is all about being able to accept everyone as they are. "I think the main goal of the event is to get people having a rational discussion about how to balance sexuality with religion and the people who have just accepted both as a part of their lives can maybe get a better insight on where their opponents are coming from," Luecke said.

While sexuality in religion has always been a controversy, Luecke is hoping this will bring some insight to people's views.

"Religion and Sexuality are both things that are aspects of people's lives that they use to help define themselves as a person and they really shouldn't be at odds," Luecke said.

Assistant director of Campus Life and Events Dex Tuttle thinks having the Gay Straight Alliance take part in this will be beneficial.

"I invited the GSA to be a part of this event and the students were supportive of being involved," Tuttle said, "Regardless of their sexual orientation, the members of GSA frequently have conversations about different areas of their identities and how they intersect, so this became a great opportunity to explore that conversation in a different way."

As part of the department of social work, Tiffany Parker saw this documentary over summer and wanted to bring it to campus.

"I saw this film this summer and it was one of the most powerful films I had ever seen and our faculty agreed to use some of our library funds to have this film purchased this semester." Parker said.

"This will be the first time it has been shown on our campus, since our University has not had a licensed copy before this semester." Parker said.

The film its self is about 96 minutes and after the film, there will be a panel to discuss the movie or your views on the subject. Reverend Bob Towner and Joshua Smith, a Southeast student minoring in religious studies, will be present at the panel. The documentary will be playing from 6-9 pm on November 18th at the Glenn Auditorium. It is a free event, and is open to all students and the public.