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Sports Brawl blog - Annual trip to Mizzou

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Most people have a tradition in one way or another. These traditions differ from people to people and from family to family. Most of the normal traditions include food, gatherings, events, and just about anything else on this planet. Another major tradition that defines people is sports, especially in the United States. Baseball is the longest running tradition in America and has been passed down from fathers to sons ever since the game began in the 1840s. A "relatively" new tradition is football, as it has become the new American pastime.

This is where I come in as well as the rest of my family. My tradition with my family as long as I can remember is going to a Missouri Tiger football game each year, usually in November after the soccer/band season has concluded. I've made the annual pilgrimage to Faurot Field every year since I was 5. No matter the time, date, opponent, or weather the annual trip is something I can't miss. I would not miss this trip for anything in the world.

This year we made the trip to Columbia to see the Tigers and Texas Longhorns do battle (a first for me). Aside from the un-Godly wakeup call at 6 A.M. call, it was a perfect day. Even though the 17-5 victory by Mizzou nothing remarkable to rave about, being there was fantastic all by itself. Seeing the band perform, the team coming out to the sight of fog and the sound of a Tiger growl, the M-I-Z-Z-O-U chant among the crowd, and the gathering of gold and black clad fans made the biting and bone chilling wind bearable.

Sure it's nice to see the Tigers win, (especially against Texas) but the thrill to me is just going to the game. I love to soak all of the game related activities which gives me the biggest chill of all. Heck the drive up to Columbia is wonderful in itself seeing all of the Tiger tales hanging out of some passionate Mizzou fan's car. No matter what the case, win or lose, burning up or freezing, the annual game at Mizzou is a top 5 favorite day for me every year. Here's to a good time next year as a witness another first, an SEC team.