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Point counter-point: When do you put up decorations?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I hate the winter. Cold is not something I enjoy at all, so I do everything in my power to get warm. And there's something more than just layering up and piling the blankets I do to stay warm. I decorate.

Decorating brings the holiday warmth. I know, I know, it sounds cheesy and you're probably laughing right now, but I'm serious. There's nothing that gives me more warmth than walking into a house where the aroma of pumpkin tickles your nose and the Christmas tree stands proud to every viewer.

I am a before Thanksgiving tree-putter-upper, and I am proud. I can't help it. For years I've been forced to take down my Halloween decorations on Nov. 1, and, for some reason, the next logical step for me is to put up the Christmas tree. And of course it's followed by inside Christmas decorations that make their way up throughout November. Maybe it's some kind of rebellion that cries out inside me, but I truly love it.

I understand that some people believe you should have Thanksgiving before you rush to Christmas. People have asked me things like, "Where's the Thanksgiving tree?" and "What's the rush? It comes around the same time each year," as well as countless other questions.

I just smile because I'm not a hater of those who put up their Christmas trees after Thanksgiving, but for me the tree is a part of Thanksgiving. It doesn't skip over it.

Our family has many Thanksgiving traditions, and we are some of the many that shop on Black Friday each year. But the Christmas tree and the decorations just symbolize our togetherness, and while here at college it has given me hope for the breaks that I will spend seeing family and reminiscing over the past.

So, I put up my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving because it's just the perfect time for me. I love the look, I love the feeling and I love the warmth. And I will continue to take the flack each year as I become that person who many people think shun Thanksgiving just to get to Christmas because Christmas decorations are just another part of Thanksgiving for me.