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Hurricane Audra Officially Fired-by herself

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yes, I have officially fired myself. No, I did not drop an f-bomb on the air, nor have I sexually harrassed anyone or broken any FCC regulations.

The problem? I have not blogged since March. My website rule to blog weekly has fallen by the wayside with the advent of Spring. Our staff advisor, Dr. Bruce Mims, cautions me frequently about senioritis-mine and the entire staff-as if that will prevent me from craving the sunshine!

But it isn't that I haven't been in the office, it's just that spending time lost in personal refection is not nearly as important to me as planning for RAGEFEST 2012.

Yeah, that's right...RAGEFEST 2012.

We're excited to be bringing you:

VANATTICA...Samuriots...Guy Morgan...Josh Lynn with the Monstars...and The Big Idea.

APRIL 28th from 12noon to 6pm on the Terraces!

Oops. I fell right back into RAGEFEST 2012 mode. Is that bad?

We are excited to bring you another installment of RAGEFEST, and this year will be fabulous. The lineup is a little more varied, and as long as the weather holds, we will be outdoors on the Terraces.

Please make plans to join us April 28th for RAGEFEST 2012.

It's my swan song...then I'm fired.