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Golden Eagles Marching Band prepare for season

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Golden Eagle drumline performs at a football game last year. -Photo by Kelso Hope

Football players are not the only students wandering the campus before the official move in date in mid August. Another key element to the football season is Southeast Missouri State University Golden Eagles Marching Band, which also has begun preparations for its season.

The Golden Eagles have been a part of Southeast's campus since 1957 and are directed by Dr. Martin Reynolds, who has been with the program for three years.

"I am proud to be the director of a fine group of people, musicians and future leaders [and] citizens," Reynolds said in an email. "My students work hard. They are proud of their work and rightfully so! They do a fantastic job, and I count them among the finest bands in the country."

The band began its season on Aug. 13 and will continue rehearsing and performing through November. After the first week of hectic practices the band begins rehearsing for three days a week for two hours per rehearsal.

The Golden Eagles debut their show at the first Southeast football game on Sept. 8 and will perform at all five home games. The Eagles also occasionally perform for local and regional high school marching contests and make guest appearances at local high school band days and parades.

The band meets every day from Aug. 13 to 18 in what the members commonly call band camp.

"During band camp we basically just learn this year's music, practice marching technique and then put the first show performance together," sophomore trumpet player Anthony Jackson said. "It is a fun week, but it is full of hard work."

The Golden Eagles perform more than one presentation per season at football games and other promotional events. This year they will feature the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queen, along with their traditional pregame music.

Reynolds said game patrons can expect to see an enthusiastic band that displays pride in its work and its university at a Southeast football game.

The band provides a variety of music from its traditional cheers, to the newest contemporary music in an effort to keep fans entertained.

"There are no participants that will not fully participate in the group," Reynolds said. "There is music to be memorized, marching and playing skills to be developed, field and parade positions to learn, choreography to learn and coordinate and spirit of the group and the university to cultivate."

Reynolds hopes to enhance the band members marching technique while still being effective and efficient in the overall presentation and content of their performances.

"They are quite talented and will continue to raise the bar for our performances," Reynolds said.