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Injured quarterback Kyle Snyder still supporting his team

Monday, August 27, 2012
Kyle Snyder, who was scheduled to be the Southeast starter, is being replaced as quarterback for the 2012 season after being sidelined by an ACL injury. Photo by Nathan Hamilton

Kyle Snyder transferred to the Southeast Missouri State University football team from Ohio University in the Mid-American Conference after the 2011 season. Snyder is a 6-foot-1, 225-pound quarterback from Barberton, Ohio, where he played as a four-year starter in high school.

Snyder completed 5 of 8 passes for 38 yards and rushed 13 times for 80 yards in five games during Ohio's 2011 season. Ohio went 9-4 overall and 6-2 in conference play to win the MAC East Division Championship. The team ended its season by defeating Utah State University 24-23 in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Snyder, projected to be Southeast's starting quarterback, was injured during Fall camp and will be out for the season due to an ACL tear in his right knee. He is rehabbing every day to get back to his normal self and continue playing.

When he's not on the field, Snyder is studying for a degree in criminal justice.

Q: How did you tear your ACL in your right knee?

A: It was kind of a broken play kind of thing, and I took off through the middle and ran to the sideline and went to go cut inside. It was kind of a freak thing, unfortunately.

Q: How has rehab been going?

A: Rehab is going really well. I'm ahead of schedule, and it's looking like a speedy recovery. But I go in there and get on the table, and they give me stem and ice and ice my knee down. Then the fun starts after that. Our head trainer is really working on my passive range of motion. He's taking my knee and bending it and it's very painful, but I've got to get my motion back.

Q: Have the coaches mentioned who might be taking over as quarterback?

A: Right now it's looking like Scott Lathrop. He's got the offense down more than the younger guys that are in here. Then unfortunately for Tyler Peoples, you know, he's had a couple injuries as well, so it's tough for him to get out there and do what he's fully capable of. But right now they're looking at Scott to be the guy come Week 1.

Q: Have practices been different since your injury?

A: For me, most certainly, it's a lot different. I'm just trying to get the guys fired up and make sure they go out there each and every day and compete. Basically, like they said, it's not the end of the season. You just have to keep going on. It's the same for me, and everyone is excited for Week 1. But it's not a loss of a season for me. I'll take a lot of learning from the offense.

Q: How supportive have your teammates been since the injury?

A: My teammates have been really supportive, and I've gotten a lot of calls and texts from them. They've made sure I've been all right and visited me. But my parents actually came all the way from Ohio for my surgery, and they took care of me for a couple days. It was really nice. The coaches came and visited me when I came out of the hospital, too. But everyone has been very supportive and has been really helpful through all of the recovery process. It's going to be tough, and it's not going to be easy at all. I've got a long ways to go.

Q: Is there anything you do now to help your teammates on the sidelines?

A: Well right now it's hard for me to get around, but these crutches will be off soon. Once that happens, I'll get around and get on these guys and be that leader for them. Even though I can't play, it's not the end of the season for me.

Q: How has your relationship been with the other quarterbacks?

A: We've had a great relationship from the get go. We all get along really well, and they're looking at me to be that guy to help them out off the field. I'll be able to see things that they won't be able to see while they're playing.

Q: Is there anything you think the football team needs to work on?

A: Right now, maybe the tempo. It's still early, but Week 1 is right around the corner. They just need to concentrate every day and come out and go hard and have that competitive nature and just compete each day. Now that my injury has happened, that made me look at things a whole different way. Each day you have to get out there and give it your all because you don't know when your season is going to be over.

Q: Have you guys started developing a game plan for Central Michigan?

A: When I talked to the quarterback's coach Tyler Hennes, it looks like we're really starting to focus on that a lot more. We just came out of camp last Sunday, so now we're really focusing on Central Michigan and what our coaches and players need to do to prepare for them.

Q: How do you expect your team to be this year?

A: We've got great athletes; we've got good guys up front and great coaches. The sky's the limit, and it just depends on how much the guys want it. From what I see the guys are going to do very well this year.

Q: How many years of eligibility do you have?

A: I was just talking to Dr. Bowen, but he's been the guy that's been in charge as far as getting me that third year. I most certainly have two years, that's guaranteed, but right now they're saying I will more than likely have a third year due to a medical redshirt, so that's a positive.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of school?

A: Well right now there's not much I can do, obviously, but basically laying around and telling my roommates to get me stuff. Outside of school I just like to be around my teammates and friends and hang out.

Q: Do you still follow your teammates from Ohio University?

A: Oh yeah, I still follow Ohio, and they're following me. I got a lot of texts from them back home and my teammates from Ohio University. The coaches and players have been very supportive. They heard about the injury, but I really keep in touch with the guys back home and keep track of them.