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Why do you return to Southeast for homecoming?

Monday, October 15, 2012
The Aleen Vogel Wehking Alunmi Center is home to the Alumni Association. Photo by Paul Stokes

As a Southeast Missouri State University graduate, I always look forward to visiting the campus each year to participate in the homecoming celebration. Even though I graduated from SEMO more than 20 years ago, I still remember the excitement in the atmosphere leading up to homecoming week. Everyone talked about plans to attend various celebratory events.

Of course, there was always a buzz about the homecoming football game and who would be performing during half time. Homecoming season was very special when I attended SEMO many moons ago, and it is still special today.

Currently, I wear many hats throughout my daily walk in life. A few of my hats include being a busy wife, mother and career woman. As a result of my numerous responsibilities, there are times when I need to break the routine of my everyday lifestyle.

Visiting SEMO during the homecoming weekend is something my family and I look forward to every year. It is an opportunity to get away and have some fun with old friends while also building relationships with potentially new comrades.

As the parent of a teenager, I enjoy bringing my son along with a friend or cousin so they are exposed to college life over the years and they come to realize that attending college is not a choice but an expectation. We usually visit some of the buildings on campus and off campus so that my husband and I can share our "remember when" stories with our son and his guest. One of our favorite memories is the "gum tree."

Another interesting thing about participating in the homecoming celebration each year is the opportunity to witness the changes that have occurred throughout the city of Cape Girardeau along with the evolution of the university's campus.

During homecoming, my family and I take time to drive around the town and the campus and marvel at the wonderful changes that have taken place over time. We also appreciate the nostalgia of those things that have remained the same. Furthermore, since my husband is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, we look forward to all of the tailgate parties that provide opportunities to meet, mingle and stuff ourselves with barbecue.

All in all, homecoming is a wonderful way to reminisce about the past, build on the present and look forward to the future!