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Golf club will practice with new golf simulator and at local courses and driving ranges

Monday, October 22, 2012
Founders of the golf club talk to students who are interested in joining during their first meeting on Oct. 3 in the Student Aquatics Room at the Student Recreation Center-North. Photo by Nathan Hamilton

Ryan Bressner, a marketing graduate assistant, along with associate director of Recreation Services Jason Lipe developed the idea of a golf club this fall.

"It's a pretty unique club. Most of our clubs are either recreational, competitive or just a social club. The golf club is all three," said vice president Bressner.

The first meeting was held Oct. 3 in the Student Aquatics Room at the Student Recreation Center-North. More than 20 people attended to gain more information on the club.

Funding for the team will come straight out of pocket for the members for now, which is an estimated $200 per student a semester, Bressner said.

President Shawn Heuring and Bressner described their plans for fundraising, which included designing and selling their own apparel and also participating in caddy days. The members of the club will go to a local golf course and carry the equipment for the golfers for caddy days.

Practices for the winter will be held indoors at the Student Recreation Center-North. Kent Phillips, an alumnus of Southeast, will help coach the members. Phillips was a member of the Southeast golf team, which played its final season in 2006. Recreation Services also purchased a golf simulator, which is a virtual golf game.

"The Rec Center is going to rent it out to the community and the golf club will be able to use it for our practices, which will be nice in the winter when it's cold," treasurer Robert Shanahan said.

Once spring arrives the members will hold practices at driving ranges and golf courses around the area. The goal is to help teach each other, have fun and to participate in some tournaments, Bressner said.

Anyone interested should attend the meetings held at 9 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month in the Student Aquatic Center Room.

"Come to one of our meetings and just see who we are. Even if you're not the best golfer, that's not what we're all about," Heuring said.