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Eastern Illinois University professor to showcase 'Emanations' exhibit at the River Campus Art Gallery

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Students of Southeast Missouri State University will have the chance to view pieces of art from an established professor from outside the Cape Girardeau area.

Eastern Illinois University professor Chris Kahler's exhibit "Emanations" will focus on artistic ability and expression.

The River Campus Art Gallery exists to showcase artistic works of the students and local artists. The gallery offers a variety of exhibitions devoted to the field of contemporary art. Visitors can view a variety of creative works in the area within the Seminary Building.

"This'll be another painting exhibition, but it'll be a dramatically different style of artwork," instructor and exhibitions coordinator Kristin Powers Nowlin said. "We think it's good for students in the department to get exposed to as many different media and styles of art as possible as well."

Kahler will also serve as the juror for the Juried Student Exhibition in April.

The artwork shown in the exhibit is decided by the juror. From there, the juror provides a verbal analysis on what he or she thinks is the best part of the piece and makes suggestions for improvement. Those in attendance will receive insight on Kahler's style and motivation.

"He'll take the time to do an assessment and compare our student's work with other institutions he's familiar with," Powers Nowlin said. "In his mind he might tell the audience something his students do similarly or different."

Assistant art professor and EIU graduate Justin Miller invited Kahler to showcase his work at Southeast.

"We typically choose somebody from our chosen field, so last year a professor of the graphic design department chose a graphic designer," Miller said. "I'm a painting professor, so I chose a painter. It helps it from being repetitive and bias."

Kahler has had his work featured in the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis. The gallery features a variety of artists practicing contemporary art in the region.

"He's had a lot of success as an artist and a teacher, and I think that would be really important for students to see," Miller said. "He's also one of the most giving and genuinely nice professors I ever had. He invests a lot in his students and cares a lot about them and their work."

Because of Kahler's teaching ability and knowledge of art, Miller said he was inspired to harness his art-making technique and devote more attention to painting.

"I thought I was going to focus on printmaking, but then I took his class and absolutely fell in love with painting," Miller said. "It was an 8 a.m. class, but I still loved it. I never missed once."

Other faculty members at the River Campus also eagerly await Kahler's presence.

"His types of paintings are very dynamic and abstract," Powers Nowlin said. "Upon viewing, one can see its brilliant color and non-objective."

According to Miller, Kahler's technique differs from his own teaching lectures, which will provide students the opportunity to learn methods from another mindset.

"Right now, my students are using brushes on a canvas," Miller said. "What Kahler will do is lay paper down flat, pouring paints and letting some of his work happen by chance. Some of his development is out of his control, which is very different from how we might think of a painter."

"Emanations" will be free and open to the general public.

A reception will be held at 5 p.m. March 6 and the juror's lecture will occur at noon April 1 in the John and Betty Glenn Convocation Center.