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Rock Climbing club to head west for Spring Break

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Last year's spring break trip.
Submitted by Matt Libby

Recreation Services at Southeast Missouri State University is offering a three-day backpacking and rock climbing trip as an alternative spring break.

The Rock Climbing Club will be going out west to the Red Rocks Conservation Area in Nevada and also Joshua Tree National Park in California from March 11 through March 13. They will spend two days backpacking and one day rock climbing, according to a promotional flier.

“Anyone is invited to go, however, you have to be a member of the climbing club, pay the $100 trip fee and be able to climb a route rated 5.9 proficiently, lead belay proficiently and clean routes proficiently,” Matt Libby, Facility Coordinator and Rock Climbing Club Alum, said.

To join the Rock Climbing Club, students can show up at the wall in the Student Recreation Center during its open climbing times (Monday through Thursday 7 to 9 p.m.) and tell the members they would like to join. Once students join, it is easy to reach the minimum climbing requirements by practicing five days a week and focusing on learning.

“Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport, we accommodate less experienced climbers by picking easier routes and pre-setting up safety systems for them to fully enjoy the climb while minimizing the risk,” LIbby said.

If students would like to go on this trip, they can sign up at the main desk at the Student Recreation Center. The fee is $100 and covers gas, camping and gear, however Libby suggested budgeting about twice that amount for food, souvenirs and fun while on the trip. Last year, 15 people went on the trip, and they are estimating that around 11 people will go this year.

“Club members that go on the trip build intense friendships, see amazing parts of the country that only a select few people see and just have a blast in general,”LIbby said. “However, that’s not to say that it isn't a lot of work at the same time. But it's worth the reward.”