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Student Government seeks to extend meal plan hours

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Editor’s Note: This story has been republished with correction. The March 8 edition of this story stated that Student Government Association would be working with Chartwells to change the meal plan hours. This information was inaccurate. The projects mentioned in this article are in the committee discussion phase and have not been accepted by SGA as of March 9. The previous article stated that the projects would be completed before the end of the 2017 semester, but there is no estimated completion date of these projects.

The Arrow has worked with the reported and SGA to correct this article.

Students Government Association at Southeast Missouri State University is discussing the results of their “SEMO Speaks Now” talking booth series.

Throughout February, SGA set up booths around campus give students the opportunity to meet their senators and and gather feedback from the student body.

According to Student Government President Peyton Mogley, there was an outpouring of concerns brought up by students.

After all the data was collected, Mogley and her team went over the concerns and organized them so members of each committee inside SGA could address them.

These committees, including Special Projects, Student Issues and University Affair, then chose projects to discuss that may be considered in the future.

The Special Projects Committee chose to discuss the cleaning up the Towers volleyball court and creating a Fireside Lounge Tracker similar to the one used in LaFerla Hall. The tracker would track the shuttle and sustainability levels throughout the complex.

The University Affairs Committee is discussing creating safer parking lots by adding additional cameras to the parking lots and exploring the idea of having better disability access for people on campus.

The Student Issues Committee is discussing an extension to meal plan hours and possibly opening Rowdy’s Cafe for breakfast.

“We were wanting to consider expanding the meal plan by one hour as well as considering opening Rowdy’s for breakfast,” Student Issues Committee chairperson Denia Peacock said.

The committee will be working closely with Chartwells and other members of Southeast if the project is accepted by SGA.

“I know from looking at the results that the SEMO series rendered commentary on this mealtime hours quite often, so if this is something that many students feel should be looked into and possibly re-evaluated then I support time and energy being put forward into doing just that,’ Mogley said

Peacock said they are in the planning stages of this project, but that the idea has been brought up before.

“Changing the meal plan hours is something that the executive board discussed briefly before but the SEMO Speaks now booths really lit the fire,” she said.

All projects are being discussed by SGA committees and may not be fully brought to fruition. There is no estimated completion dates for any of these projects.