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ISA hosts 200 people for annual masquerade prom

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Photo by Rachael Long

The Southeast Missouri State University International Student Association hosted its annual prom on March 4 in the University Center. This year’s theme was masquerade.

More than 200 people attended the prom, which was open to the Southeast community and many of the international students attended.

“It is the first time for me to go to a prom like this, I am excited to make some friends,” Iffat Ara, an international student from Bangladesh, said.

The prom began with attendants participating in a speed dating-style greeting, by gathering in two parallel lines and having 30 seconds to introduce themselves to the person opposite from them. Every 30 seconds, a person had to alternate positions to meet a new person.

Attendants also played bingo. They were given a bingo sheet before entering the ballroom and they were able to find a different person who met the conditions printed on their bingo sheet.

Two awards were presented at the prom, which were a part of a raffle. KeKe Banks and Shelby Dixon won a masquerade mask as their prize.

Food was a part of the event and many students enjoyed it.

“My favorite part of this event was the food; the cheese and cookies are so great,” freshman Erica Maddox said.

While everyone was enjoying dinner, ISA provided a slideshow to display the public benefits activities throughout the years. International Student Association President, Harman Malhi indicated that she create the video to celebrate past and current ISA members and the events they’ve hosted.

Before International Student Association President Harman Malhi announced the winner of the prom, singer Chad Grey and guitarist Marlon Amorim performed two songs, “Plush” and “Never Too Late.”

Mitchell Fraser and Whitney Tucker were announced the prom king and queen of the night. The two held hands and led each other in a waltz dance.

Student Government Association, D.I.C.E and the Residence Hall Association sponsored the event.

“We chose to support this event because it shows the Southeast community some international culture and also for international students to come and share American activities. It’s really good to see,” freshman Andre Parker and first-year senator for the Student Government Association said.

“People are happy and enjoy the prom a lot, so that’s why, you know, every year people try to do it,” Malhi said.

Freshmen Kayla Costin and Gavin Curd said they came to the prom because they thought it would be fun and they really enjoyed themselves.