Southeast Missouri State University student publication

SAC hosts free "Clearly You" crystals event

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Southeast Missouri State University’s Student Activities Council hosted a free event for Southeast students to make their own “Clearly You” crystals in the University Center Wednesday, March 29.

The event, hosted in the UC third-floor lobby, allowed students to get a free three-dimensional, laser-imaged crystal of themselves simply by scanning their Southeast ID. Each student had his or her choice of a cube or light-up keychain, which was produced in a matter of minutes via a unique portable laser-imaging device.

Clint Ashner, sophomore and one of the novelty coordinators for SAC, said the event was organized to give Southeast students a fun, free activity.

“It’s free for students with their student ID, just like all Student Activities Council events,” Ashner said. “All [the students] have to do is scan their ID and they can get a crystal.”

What are Clearly You crystals? They are clear, crystallized glass blocks that contain a three-dimensional image of someone or something. The process is simple; a photographer uses special scanning and photography equipment to map out the image and the portable laser-imaging machine carves out a three-dimensional image of the photographs.

The Clearly You brand is part of a larger company, Kramer Entertainment, Inc., which is an event company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, bringing a wide variety of interactive events and games across the nation.

Sean Medina, an employee of Kramer Entertainment, said the job and Clearly You’s events are wonderful.

“I travel around the country about nine months out of the year, going to colleges just like this,” Medina said. “They actually hire me to come out and literally just have fun. It’s pretty cool.”

Freshman Tyron Jones, a student in line to get a personalized crystal, said he would like to see another event like “Clearly You” on Southeast’s campus.

“I like when [Southeast] does things like this … I wish they would do stuff like this more often,” Jones said. “It would be cool to see more of this [kind of thing] around campus.”

Clearly You Crystals, a division of Kramer Entertainment, can be created by anyone looking for event activities. To find out more information, visit their website at