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The Icarus Account headlines at Southeast

Thursday, April 6, 2017

On March 29, The Icarus Account was invited by Student Activities Council (SAC) to play in Southeast Missouri State University’s University Center. Students who came to the UC for a meal stopped by the South Dining Hall to watch the performance. As the crowd grew, the music got louder. Students were clapping along to the beat of the music, laughing at the band’s jokes and singing along.

The Icarus Account is an acoustic band formed of 28-year-old twin brothers, Ty and Trey Turner. The brothers became musically inclined at about 6-years-old when their parents had them take piano lessons for classical music. Lacking interest in the piano lessons, Ty and Trey learned how to play the guitar at the age of12, which led them to discover their passion for music. According to the brothers, having a professional music career was a dream for them but at the time they did not consider it a reality.

“Around early college we started writing a lot of songs and kind of picked up the band name The Icarus Account,” Trey said.

According to the duo, the band name came from a Greek Mythology story called “The Story of Icarus.” The story tells of a boy named Icarus who is trapped on an island with his father, Daedalus. In an attempt to escape the island, Daedalus built two sets of wings made of wax and feathers. He warned his son not to fly too close to the sun. However, when Icarus started flying, he forgot his father’s warning and flew too high where the sun melted the wax off of the wings. Icarus fell into the sea where he drowned. The band said the name “Icarus” was a reminder that a person’s pride can be their downfall.

“We just wanted to remember where we came from, who we were as people and just stay true to ourselves no matter where our music career took us,” Ty said. “We wanted to be the same people we were when we started.”

Freshman Matt Nagle and sophomore Gavin Konys downloaded The Icarus Account’s most recent album after just a few songs into the performance.

“I heard about them this morning — I did some research and looked them up on Spotify and, yeah, they’re really nice,” Konys said.

The Icarus Account said that when they play their songs live, they get to see people who have been listening to them for a while sing back their songs to them.

“All the work in the studio pays off, and all of the writing and recording,” the band said. “This is the reward where we get to share the music with fans.”