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Southeast Spotlight: Jesse Hosket

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Submitted photo.

Southeast Quarterback, Jesse Hosket is preparing for his senior season at Southeast Missouri State. Jesse has been playing football since his days in junior-high school. Hosket takes some time to share his past experiences with football from the beginning of his career until now.

When was the earliest you played on a football team, like pee wee or little league?

No, I was from a really small town, so the first time I was actually on a team was junior high, but my dad was always a coach so I always grew up around football, so I was always on the field throwing the ball around as a really young kid. But I actually hadnít been on a team until my junior-high years.

Were you the quarterback then, was it your first time playing quarterback?

Yeah, I played quarterback all the way through since seventh grade.

Can you please describe what your high-school football experience was like?

Just a very rural community. I mean, people love football there, thereís not a whole lot to do on Friday nights, so you know everybody comes to the games, and it gets pretty packed out, and you know we had a great crowd and great fans, and just, we grew up with those guys since, first, second grade. So playing with those guys youíve known for a long time and having the relationship with them it was a great experience, and we had some pretty good teams.

When did you know you were going to play at the collegiate level?

Growing up I always dreamed I was going to continue playing football. I feel like I was always gonna do that, I knew just from my size I would get the opportunity. I didnít always know where, or where I would be, but I knew Iíd get that chance, and it eventually worked out.

I see this is your senior year of playing football, how do you describe playing football for Southeast up until now?

I transferred in, got my junior year under my belt and Iím just really excited. Iíve been working hard, all offseason, all summer, just excited to get this first game underway.

What are you looking to do with your future?

I always dreamed of getting the chance to play football somewhere, but you know thatís a long shot, gonna have to put together a great season for that to happen, but other than that, move back to French Camp, Mississippi, just find a job back home and live in a small rural town. I love that place.