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Blending into campus: new student makeup club joins campus organization

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Beauty club vice president Lela Roach speaks to new members of the club at the first meeting on on Aug. 7 held in the lobby of Dearmont Hall.
Photo by Christiane Riggs.

Makeup enthusiasts at Southeast Missouri State University can now join a beauty club created by Southeast students.

Beauty club president and junior Sydney Cheyenne Case and vice president and senior Lela Roach are now inviting students to join their club dedicated to makeup appreciation. The two were suitemates last year and quickly bonded over a love for makeup. The girls experienced some roommate problems that caused them to change living situations. Case even moved back home to Risco, Missouri where she attended the Maiden regional campus. That move was a big reason why the makeup club didn’t get started sooner, Case said. The girls experienced some roommate problems that caused them to change living situations. Case even moved back home where she attended the Malden regional campus.

Case and Roach know better than most how valuable a tool YouTube has become. The two makeup artists are self-taught, learning at ages of 10 and 12, respectively. The girls said they encourage all levels of makeup experience to join.

Natural beauty has been more glorified than ever in today's media. Well-known apparel stores, for example, like Aerie are starting to brand models of all shapes and sizes. Seeing diversity and natural beauty on a popular platform like Aerie makes women in society feel more confident and good about themselves. However, others enjoy doing makeup opposed to leaving the cosmetics on the shelf. Case would tell you that she often gets negative messages about her choice to wear makeup rather than go with a bare face. As a self-proclaimed makeup artist, she has faced these challenges many of times through her Facebook page dedicated to makeup called Cosmetics By Chey. On this platform, she said many people ask her on Cosmetics By Chey about questions as to why she likes “caking” makeup opposed to her natural look. But, her answer is simple.

“I like cake,” said Case.

The founders of the beauty club believe that makeup is self expression. Roach said that she is not more of a woman for wearing makeup nor is someone who does not wear makeup at all.

“A big part of it is that people that don’t wear makeup see it as like giving into social norms and its repression,” said Roach. “But, I feel like girls need to lift each other up.”

Case and Roach stressed that they do not do makeup to please anyone but, simply because they enjoy doing it. According to the beauty club, makeup may help someone with confidence and make them feel good about themselves.

The organization stresses that there is no wrong way to do makeup and to not be scared to try it because everyone starts at the same place. Beauty club is a place where makeup lovers can feel free to be themselves and express who they are through their personal style of makeup, Roach said.

“We really don’t want people to put other people down for how they do their makeup or what they wear,” Roach said. “We really want it to be a place for uplifting energy.”

Not only can students participate in beauty club, they can look for leadership opportunities as well. beauty club is looking for members interested in executive positions such as a historian, a person to run their social media and they are looking at new VP’s after Roach graduates in December.

For anyone who is interested in beauty club, the organization meets every Monday at 7 pm in Dearmont Lobby temporarily.