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Growth of Southeast’s music community in the works

Friday, September 29, 2017

A Southeast freshman is looking to use music and instruments as a bonding mechanism for students through the creation of a casual music club.

Graphic by Micaela Griffin ~ A&E Editor

Club creator Matthew Howell said the music club will give people the opportunity to express themselves. As a telecommunications and computer networking major, Howell hopes students who are not music majors could get involved with the club in one way or another. Howell said the idea of creating a casual music club came to him when he could not find a club that allowed students to gather and play, without being an expert level musician in order to join.

After being told that his idea was one worth pursuing from music education major Clayton Garrett, Howell decided to hit the ground running. He contacted the creator and president of Southeast’s Archery Club Molly Cook for some advice.

“She created that club herself, so she’s giving me information on how to create this one,” Howell said.

Howell has an extensive background with music. He was in his high school’s band for all four years and has a total of six years experience with brass instruments as well as some guitar skills. Music has had a great effect on Howell’s life.

“[Music] influences my life to a point that I don’t know what I would do without it,” Howell said. “It is what I need it to be and that’s why it’s important to me.”

Another hope for the potential club is an establishment of community, according to Howell. He said it would be interesting to see sub-communities emerge from the gathering group and form bands of their own.

Social studies education major and freshman Alaric Davis said he feels Southeast’s music scene is mostly “River Campus oriented.” Howell is trying to alter this perception by creating a club for Southeast students who may not be involved with the River Campus culture.

Howell said there is still so much that is undecided because he only recently began assembling his officers, but one thing is for certain: the club will meet on the main campus.

Howell said it would be contradictory to have the club meet at the River Campus, considering its purpose is to have people of all majors involved. The idea of the club is to allow students, whether they are a music major or not, to express themselves and improve their skills with whatever instrument they play.

If anyone plans to join the club once it is officially assembled, they may email Howell regarding their interest. Howell’s email is