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Southeast soccer team struggles on the road

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Southeast Soccer team has had a long road trip lately, with the last five of six games being on the road. The team has gone 0-3-2 in those five road games. Senior goalkeeper Kindra Lierz and Senior defender Shay Darga said.

Their experiences in recent road games have made an impact on the players.

“It’s been a little rough when you’ve been sitting on a bus for a few hours and trying to get your legs back and be ready for the next game, but our coaches and ourselves have prepared ourselves for this. We knew it was coming up, so we make sure we have plenty of recovery time, not on our feet too much, to be ready for the next game.” Lierz said.

Traveling on the road also affects players because of scheduling.

“You’re trying to get adjusted to a different schedule, and being on the bus is not always the most fun when you’re traveling there six hours and back,” Darga said.

Darga said when preparing for road games, keeping the same schedule such as eating at the same times, and trying to keep moving is important.

The team has been struggling the last few games, but they are seeking out a solution.

“I think we’ve been playing a lot better than our record shows. I think we have a lot of potential going in, and I think since it’s still the beginning of conference, it’s still a little bit of figuring out our team. So hopefully in the next few games we’ll have it set and we’ll get the results that we want,” Darga said.

Being on the road so much can be difficult for players to adapt to.

“I think it’s hard to adjust to constantly being on the road. Typically in the years I’ve been here, you’re on the road one weekend and then you’re home. So this is definitely a new element to us, to be having about five straight games on the road,” Lierz said.

The last four games have been on the road. Playing games on the road consecutively has been challenging.

“It’s probably not the easiest thing, but we have to take what we are given, and try to make the most of our schedule,” Darga said.

Traveling for a longer distance also plays a factor in how players feel.

“Traveling longer on the bus makes it harder to recover. With your legs that’s one of the most basic things, but when you’re traveling like an hour, hour and a half to Murray it’s not too much of a difference,” Darga said.

Home games are much different for players. They provide a familiar setting for players.

“Home games usually have that home game atmosphere. You have all the fans here cheering for you, my family comes in on home games and on away games it’s just different. You’re out of your element a little bit more and so you definitely have an advantage with home games,” said Lierz.

The next game the team plays is against Austin Peay on the road, on Friday, Oct. 6th. They will be returning home to face Belmont on Sunday, Oct. 8th.