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Cape bands to host free original music show

Monday, November 13, 2017

Five local acts — Tim Godlove, The Big Idea, Guy Morgan and the FT Crew, BEEF, and the Scatterguns — will be performing from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Mixing Ten Nov. 18.

The “No Cover Show” will feature all original music, local talent and no cover charge.

Indie acoustic musician Tim Godlove said the show has a specific purpose.

“That’s what this thing is supposed to be, to highlight what Cape Girardeau has to offer, what different styles of music and what this town has bred as far as artistic ability within those styles of music, too,” Godlove said.

According to this group of musicians, the amount of bands and concertgoers involved in Cape Girardeau’s local music has waned from its former glory. “Partee Nate” of Guy Morgan and the FT crew mentioned that just a few years ago there was a much bigger group of artists playing in Cape.

“Everything back then — from metal to you name it — was coming through, and those bands were bringing touring bands with them, and I think that’s what people are starting to get back,” Nate said. “Bringing bands in your genre to town.”

Mixing Ten owner Justin Aden said he was humbled to host some of the town’s most well-known original acts.

“It's important to the town and the area that the live music scene is being built, and I'm more than happy to try to help with that,” he said.

Jamie Gooch of the rock band BEEF spoke about the current size of the musician community surrounding events. Gooch said that while community support is present, there is room for growth.

He also mentioned that playing original music sometimes creates a more difficult road for musicians.

“You don’t have as much of an outlet to put original music out; it’s a harder road to go down as a musician, you know, because most of the places will pay you more if you’re playing more cover songs,” Gooch said. “And we do mostly original music, which makes it a little harder.”

The show will offer a range of musical genres, from Godlove’s indie acoustic tracks, to the southern rock of BEEF and the Scatterguns, the hard punk of Guy Morgan and the FT Crew and the Big Idea’s three-piece americana.

Josh Tomlin from the Scatterguns said that the first “No Cover” show in 2011.

“It was just kind of a fun thing, we didn’t have any sponsors or anything like that. We set up the PA ourselves,” Tomlin recalled.

Things are different this year with around eight local businesses helping with the sponsorship of the event.

“This is a 100 percent local show, this is local original music, these are local original businesses, this is a venue that has been conducive to bringing those things together,” Tomlin said. “We’re very open to everyone being there and we hope people find something of a different genre that they might not normally like.”

For more information visit the #NoCoShow event page on Facebook.