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SGA update: Feb. 12, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Student Government Association moved into the next phase of a student feeís conversation, as well as discussed upcoming elections in its open meeting Monday.

President Peyton Mogley led the discussion on the university critical initiatives investment plan, to which there are six different categories: information technology, maintenance and repair, student wellness, need-based aid, athletics and other projects.

These are the different functions of the university that either see money from student general fees, or see allocated money from SGA.

The university has identified a need to upgrade IT by enhancing the Wi-Fi and technology in every classroom. Currently IT receives $3.50 per credit hour of general student fees.

Maintenance and repair generally accounts for the highest dollar amount in general fees. Students pay $11 per credit hour to this account, and it covers the upkeep of university structures. The university is in need of major renovations to core academic building ó and is currently reviewing a Master Plan that will create efficiency in space usage.

Students pay $0.45 into a student wellness budget that funds programs such as Counseling and DIsability Services. Counseling, however, is in need of two more counselors to meet the current demand of students going through their services. The university also needs a counselor for substance and alcohol abuse.

Need-based aid doesnít get taken out of student fees, but SGA allocates money there. This aid generally went to the Perkinís program, which was recently terminated. They are looking for new places to allocate money.

The Athletic Department receives $5.13 per credit hour of the student fee, and requested renovations to Houck Stadium and Houck Fieldhouse.

The final category is other projects, which consists of initiatives the university encourages SGA to fund. Three projects currently in discussion are: UC kitchen renovation ($1.1 million), family weekend ($13,979) and a leadership coordinator position ($44,000).

March 19 is the deadline to apply for SGA general elections. Submit an application to Dale Chronister in the campus life office. Voting will take place on SElink.

Mogley also announces she had a meeting with Southeastís lawyer, Al Spradling, about sunshine law. She reported their current attempts to comply with open-meeting laws outlined by the state that require governing bodies to make open-meeting agendas public 24 hours in advance, and host meetings that are open to the public ó unless under the circumstance of going into a closed session.

Faculty senate representative Jim McGill said he was dismayed to report the restructuring proposal seems to be underway without student input. He asked his colleagues to take an active role in ensuring students from every department are getting an opportunity to voice their opinion on the current proposal.