Southeast Missouri State University student publication

Employers coming to Southeast for Career Fair on March 1

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Being a college student can be stressful when money is short and stressing about the future is all too real, but never fear, Career Expo is March 1st.

Planning for the future is scary and sometimes overwhelming, but also necessary. The Career Expo is a way for students to rid of their apprehensions and start networking and thinking about jobs in a more guided way.

According to Dan Presson, director of Career Services, the Career Expo is when employers come to directly recruit Southeast students for employment and internship opportunities, which happens each semester. “All majors and ages should attend due to the networking opportunities,” said Presson.

“After all,” Presson said “everyone needs a plan after college.” There will be employers focused on local, regional and national occupations and internships and have the students’ best interest in mind.

Over 120 employers and graduate schools will be attending. Not only will those employers and schools be there, but there will also be employers looking for students interested in part time jobs. This includes Cape Girardeau’s new restaurant, Sugarfire Barbecue.

Regarding attire, “[It should be] something nicer than your normal day attire” Presson said. This expo requires business attire, as people are there looking for people to interview, so first impressions are important. For men, dress slacks, dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes would be appropriate. For women, a dress, blouse, slacks, with a jacket and dress shoes.

If the attire is not affordable for students or they do not have that specific attire on hand, there are clothes available at the Career Closet located in Textbook rental.

It is highly recommended for students to bring their resumes with updated contact information, as an employer may want to contact you for an interview. If needed, there are resume tips on the Career Services website.

“I’m looking into the Murray State University graduate school to further my education in corporate law, so I’m looking forward to attending the Career Expo to hopefully get my foot in the door” said Southeast freshman Cole Collins.

The expo will be held in the Student Recreation Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. These employers want the students to be there to gain experience in networking and get a head start on their futures. Be sure to join in on the many opportunities held for southeast’s students’ benefit.