Southeast Missouri State University student publication

Six things to do if you are stuck at home for spring break

Monday, March 12, 2018

1. Sleep. Do not be sad that you are not on a beach for spring break. Instead, rejoice in the fact you can sleep the day away. You get to sleep in your own bed, and not sharing one bed with four other individuals in a hotel to save money.

2. Spend time with your mom or dad. It may have been weeks or months since you have been home,so take this time to spend time with your parents. They probably really miss you.

3. Meet up with old friends. We all have those childhood or high school friends we always promise to get together with. Well, actually do it. If you are stressed out by college and homework, it may be nice to rekindle a friendship and think about the more simple days.

4. Work. Instead of blowing all your money on a hotel room, drinks and food— you have the opportunity to take on a few shifts at your hometown job and build your checking account back from $2.

5. Plan a day in a nearby city. You may live in, or be near, a big city in Missouri or Illinois. Whether this be St. Louis, Kansas City or Chicago— plan a day with with someone to do things in the city you have never done. If the weather is nice, go to the St. Louis Zoo, the art museum in Kansas City, or a coffee shop you’ve always wanted to go to in Chicago.

6. Go to a concert. There are always concerts going on, even if they may be an obscure band in a small venue. Go see an artist you have never heard before— maybe you could end up loving them.