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First Friday with the Arts brings light to various artists

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
"Vibrato," by Tatiana Potts at Catapult Creative House.
Photo by Katya Chronister ~ Arrow Reporter

First Friday this month started off at the River Campus Art Gallery which displayed the work of assistant professor Emily Denlinger. Her exhibit titled “Kolkata Cityscapes,” was accompanied with a talk titled “A Global Economic Perspective on Kolkata Cityscapes.” It gave viewers a glimpse of Kolkata, a fast-growing city in India that is rich with culture.

Denlinger’s exhibit included several printed panoramic images of the city along with a few projectors set up to show even more photos on an adjacent wall.

The photos shown were of the streets, businesses and people around her. Bright pops of color was a main theme throughout each one.

She used her iPhone camera to avoid getting attention from those around her and get true images of her experience.

“I wanted to create images that were true to my experience and the things I was taking in while I was visiting the city, but I didn’t want the images to be about their reaction to me,” Denlinger said.

Denlinger also wanted this exhibit to show students they aren’t restricted with the tools they use on their projects.

“For me as an artist, it doesn’t matter which camera you’re using as long as it makes since for your project”, Denlinger said.

Denlinger’s exhibit will be open until Oct. 26 in the Seminary building on Dobbin’s River Campus.

The Catapult Creative House was also participating in this night of Halloween celebration and art.

The gallery downstairs held “Literary Innovations: A Juried National Exhibition Inspired by William Faulkner and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.”

Marquez’s and Faulkner’s writings are the theme of the work in this gallery.

The artwork was done by national and international artists. It included various sculptures and prints.

Upstairs in Catapult is the student studio which featured sophomore Erin Gericke’s closing reception her work titled, “Built Up: An Individual's Examination of Home.”

The exhibit was five watercolors that represented the meaning of home to Gericke.

“In a lot of my work I try to not only focus on the architecture, but what you can find inside the architecture. A lot of times people focus on the building itself,” Gericke said.

One of the pieces featured the house where she was raised in Paducah, Kentucky and another was of a small hut in Uganda.

“This summer I worked in Uganda for a month and that’s a place that’s very near and dear to my heart. I do consider it to be a place that I’ve been able to connect with people and work with people there, so I consider it to be a home for me,” Gericke said.

Art by Myles Calvert at Arts Council of Southeast Missouri.
Photo by Katya Chronister ~ Arrow Reporter

The Arts Council of Southeast Missouri hosted a solo artist, Myles Calvert from New York. The exhibition was titled, “Ottoman Opulence (and a few toasters).”

The artwork shown were everyday household objects, like toasters, milk cartons and ottomans but approached from a different view using prints and neon lights.

“If you have an ottoman from IKEA it’s the exact same design it was 60 years ago but maybe has a very different color pallet,” Calvert said. “So someone will see it from a different age or different background and associate it with something completely different.”

Calvert said he romanticism is one of his main interest and is something he incorporates into his art.

“I wanted to show the individual unique moment people have based on color,” Calvert said. “It’s a reference to what was and still is.”

The Glenn House was also hosting artist Vicki Outman and her exhibit titled, “Pastel Landscape and Native Wild Flowers.”

Every piece was inspired by a real place in the Southeast Missouri area as well as the Bootheel. Most pieces were pastels of landscapes full of color, but some were done with oil paint or had an animal as the subject.

“I usually drive around the country roads and take pictures to get ideas for my work,” Outman said.

Through seeing her work, Outman wants people to gain a better appreciation of the world around them.

"Ticky Tacky," by Myles Clavert at Arts Council of Southeast Missouri.
Photo by Katya Chronister ~ Arrow Reporter

“I want people to learn to appreciate what’s around them and then they’ll know how to take care of it too,” Outman said.

Businesses and galleries in the area teamed up for a give away at eDen Health Spa and Salon by having a Halloween themed stamp card patrons could take around to participating places like Annie Laurie’s and the River Campus Art Gallery. Getting eight stamps from eight different places would win you a free facemask from the spa.