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SGA Update: Oct. 1, 2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Student Government Association members discussed the possibility of two breaks in the fall and four funding requests during the Monday, Oct. 1, meeting.

Advisor Michele Irby brought up the possibility of bringing back a fall break for students, which would start next October and only having a three-day weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. Irby asked for a hand raise vote to get feedback, asking for everyone in the room to participate and not jut SGA members.

Fourteen people voted “yes” for the two separate breaks and 21 voted “no.” After the informal vote, SGA went into a period of discussion on the idea. President Matthew Rolwing asked for pros and cons of having two separate breaks in the fall from SGA members.

SGA representative Justin Jacobs said another break during the fall would be similar to the breaks during the in spring semester.

“I would like to see two breaks during the fall semester because the only real break is Labor Day,” Jacobs said. “That way, it’s a little more spaced out and you can take a little bit more of a breather.”

Jacobs also suggested a poll so students could vote and give their feedback.

First-year senator Jasmine Jones said two fall breaks would conflict with vacations students have planned with their families.

“I spoke to a few people about this and I heard that they go on vacations,” Jones said. “They may not be able to do that if there’s a smaller breaks.”

The decision for two breaks was tabled and left for discussion for another day.

The Southeast Wind Sympathy and University Choir applied for funding for a bus and meals for an upcoming performance in Poplar Bluff,Missouri. The request was for $1,450, which brought much discussion among the senators.

Of concern was the fact the petitioners had not held and fundraisers to help with expenses, something which didn’t sit well with senator Sidney Siebert.

“I think it’s a bad trend to set if we let Student Government fund this,” Siebert said.

Senator Alicia Merry expressed how this would be a great opportunity for the department.

“This would be a great way for them to recruit potential students to come and make our music department grow,” Merry said.

SGA passed the resolution, with only Siebert dissenting.

The Construction Management Organization applied for funding for registration and housing for a competition where they will be competing against many other schools. This resolution was passed.