Southeast Missouri State University student publication

Students attend Career Expo seeking experience and opportunities for jobs and internships

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

In hope of finding jobs and internship students attended Career Expo at the Student Recreation Center on Oct. 11.

Director of Career Services Dan Presson said 140 employers came to the event.

“On average they bring two different representatives apiece, we had almost 300 representatives who came out,” Presson said.

The goal for the expo was to make sure students could get jobs and present them with the opportunity, he said.

He also said the businesses that attended the Career Expo were important and students needed to understand that importance.

“Students have to remember these companies come to this campus specifically to get in touch with SEMO students,” Presson said.

St. Charles County Workforce and Business Development executive director Scott Drachnik said his organization has jobs in need of employees and the students at Southeast are wanted.

“We are representing about 9,000 businesses at St. Charles County and we are trying to get the word out that we want these students,” Drachnik said.

He also said St. Charles County has job opportunities and internships for students.

“We want to be a bridge between the jobs and companies that have opportunities that are looking for these students in a variety of degrees, so we are trying to publicize openings that are available,” Drachnik said.

He said sometimes students do not know where to go when trying to obtain employment and he has a multitude of resources.

This was the third year St. Charles County attended the Career Expo.

Business manager at KBSI and WDKA Rhonda Mirgaux said she came to the Career Expo to inform students about the different positions available at her organizations for people in all majors.

“A lot of times people think television companies only have on-air positions, but there are a lot of jobs behind the camera that could be available for all sorts of different majors,” Mirgaux said.

She said her organization is prepared to help Southeast students gain employment.

“We have internships available, which students are attending now, and there are entry level positions for those who are just graduating,” Mirgaux said.

She also said her organization has hired students before.

“We have hired several internships and people who have attended the Career Expo at Southeast in the past,” Mirgaux said.

She said her organization tries to attend every Career Expo at SEMO, both in the spring and fall.

Senior Jimmie Hossain, who attended the Career Expo to try and make advancements in a career path he has already chosen, said he attented because he knew managers would be there from a job he currently has and wanted a chance to speak with them.

“My employer at DHL Supply Chain where I work set up a table and I wanted to meet my plant manager and start thinking about upper-level positions,” Hossain said.

He also said he attended the Career Expo last year.

“This one is different because I think more employers came in and some of the tables were empty last year,” Hossain said.

He said the Career Expo was helpful and he received information from his employer that could be valuable.

The next Career Expo will be held in the spring.