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Silent Library: Southeast edition

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Member of National Pan-Hellenic Council completes challenge by drinking tomato juice blindfolded on Oct. 8
Photo by Madison Little ~ Arrow Reporter

The National Panhellenic Council (NPHC) hosted a “Silent Library” game in Kent Library on Monday, Oct. 8.

The NPHC put a unique twist on a game show originally aired on MTV that involved slapstick competitions held below a certain decibel level.

This game involved a group of five people each competing to grab a card. Four were blank and one had an “x” on it. The person who grabbed the “x” had to draw from a pile of challenges and perform what was written.

Some of the challenges involved eating an ice cream cone of mayonnaise, drinking out of a cup blindfolded and writing your signature using only your elbows.

“We came to school to get a degree not just to have fun, so we mixed the fun and scholarship aspect into one event,” Senior NPHC president Jaleea Hudson-Wilson said.

Sophomore Eniyah Anderson said it was a good way to get everyone to come together.

This event was open to all students, which is not the case of every NPHC event.

Senior Lauren Grabow said she was not affiliated with the group but was welcomed to the table.

“I didn’t know how to play the game but I quickly caught on and had a great time,” Grabow said.

Junior Imani Kellum said there have not been many events like this brought to campus so it made this one stand out.

This game attracted students to the library and some stayed for a study hall that was held afterwards.

“It’s a good idea for everybody to get some studying in before midterms next week,” Anderson said.

“This event was a great start to kick off our homecoming week,” Hudson-Wilson said.

The NPHC hosted events all week. These included a carnival at Brandt Field on Wednesday, a step show following the football game on Saturday and a campus clean up on Sunday; only a few of these events are open to all Southeast students.