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Player Spotlight: Claire Ochs

Monday, October 22, 2018
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Photo by John Russell

Freshman Claire Ochs extended her double-double streak to 12 matches with 21 assist and 12 digs against Tennessee State University on Saturday, Oct. 20. Although the Redhawks loss to TSU, they did pick a win Friday, Oct. 19, against Belmont. Ochs had 25 assists and 12 digs in the win. The Redhawksí next two matches are on the road, against Murray State on Friday, Oct. 26, and against Austin Peay the following day.


Business Major

Where are you from?

Chesterfield, Missouri

How many years have you been playing volleyball?

I began playing volleyball in second grade. So Iíve been playing for 10 or 11 years.

Were you ever interested in other sports?

As a kid I played a lot of sports. I played softball, basketball, I ice skated for a little bit and I played soccer, too. My old sister played volleyball, so I kinda gravitate more towards volleyball.

What made you choose SEMO?

I really liked the campus. My older sister went to a school really far away, so one of the major things I was really looking for was a college close to home. I wanted my family to be able to come watch me play because I never really got to see my sister play in person. The coaches are awesome. The team is great, it was just a good fit.

As a freshman you have accomplished a lot. Against Morehead State you had 30 assists and 11 digs, which is your 10th straight double-double also the 13th of your career. How does that make you feel as a player?

Everyone accepted me and I really wanted them to see me as a leader. As a setter they have to look up to you and you have to lead the court; I think thatís one of the major things I am happy about. We all click well. Itís nice to be able to step in and do that.

How did you prepare yourself to play at the D1 level?

I started setting my freshman year [of high school], which is a pretty late start. Coaching at my club, HP [High Performance], really helped me with my technical skill set. Having a great support system with my club helped as well. My coach was able to see where I needed improvement.

Do you have any pre-game rituals that you do to pump yourself up?

In the locker room I listen to music and visualize the game and our opponents. I just get hyped up. I like Post Malone, but thatís not really hype music.

Has there been an easy transition into college. There is a lot of traveling, homework, practice, recovery and also trying to have a social life. How do you balance it all?

Itís a lot to transition from high school. My first week of college I didnít think I could do it. I called my mom begging her for help. Basically you just have to get the mind set right. Time management is important and be prepared when you go out of town.

What is your most memorable volleyball moment?

Winning the state championship my senior year of high school.