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So_theast Bandit

Monday, October 22, 2018

Over the homecoming weekend it was discovered a letter was missing from the Southeast fountain located on the corner of Henderson and Broadway streets.

I noticed it Saturday evening and I let my dispatcher know in case somebody called to report it, that the U was missing on the Southeast fountain, captain police operations Kenneth Gullett of DPS said.

The letter has since been replaced, but Gullett said it is unknown whether this was a homecoming prank or if someone stole the letter. However, it was confirmed as taken.

It comes up a couple times of year, like people soap the fountains, it happens, Gullett said. We are aware and make Facilities aware of it.

DPS let Facilities Management know about the missing letter and Facilities then took control of the situation. It was officially replaced on Oct. 16, only days after it was discovered to be gone.

The work order was placed Monday morning, and in their normal work day they were able to get to it by Tuesday morning, communications specialist Michelle Queiser said.

Gullett explained how they dont have any cameras at the location close enough to catch the event in action. The closest is across the street but its quality is too low and it would be too dark to make out anything besides figures. They are in process of updating the cameras across campus.

There is no investigation in process.