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Missouri Senate race

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley won the U.S. Senate race against Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill, Nov. 6.

This victory came on the heels of a midterm campaign tour of the Midwest with President Donald Trump supporting Republican candidates and urging supporters to vote red.

Trump’s last stop of the three-state tour was Nov. 5 in Cape Girardeau, during which he expressed support for Josh Hawley.

The president won over the state by a hefty margin in 2016, giving the Republican Party an opportunity to present a contender for McCaskill’s seat.

Already a two-time incumbent, McCaskill presented herself as a Democrat with independent values. However, ads paid for by Josh Hawley’s campaign and outside interests soon dismantled that image with a more aggressive narrative that accused McCaskill of using her office to better herself instead of her constituents.

McCaskill’s campaign ran ads both refuting and attacking Hawley’s positions and attitudes towards her platform and her character.

Trump said a Hawley victory can be seen as a Trump victory.

“Get out in 2018 because you’re voting for me in 2018,” he said during a campaign rally in Springfield, Missouri, in October. “You’re voting for me. A vote for any Democrat this November is a vote for massive regulation, massive taxes and, I hate to say it, massive crime.”