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The Environmental Science Association held sustainability forum

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Environmental Science Association holds an educational public forum concerning sustainability offered to Southeast students on Oct. 31.
Photo by Madison Little ~ Arrow Reporter

To raise awareness about the importance of sustainability on Southeast’s campus, the Environmental Science Association hosted a public forum, Oct. 31, at the University Center:

Senior environmental science major Anahi Gamboa and Environmental Science Association treasurer Lexie Beckermann discussed the sustainability issues Southeast’s campus is facing.

Gamboa went through results from a survey conducted online earlier in the semester.

The survey had six questions with a focus on what sustainability means to Southeast students and, how important is it to them and their willingness to make a change.

The forum included more than just the PowerPoint presentation. Gamboa explained the other aspects of sustainability besides recycling, which included plastic consumption, water conservation and energy efficiency.

“There is more to sustainability than recycling,” she said. “We want to make sure everyone understands that.”

She also discussed plans for hosting a sustainability speaker series and the possibility of starting landscaping projects. One project she mentioned was planting native plants on campus and making community gardens.

Gamboa said she would like to focus on sustainability goals for this school year.

“I want to do recycling, reducing waste consumption and reducing energy consumption,” she said.

Senior sustainable energy systems management major James Grosch said he would like more faculty and staff to get involved with sustainability issues.

Environmental Science Association member Brendan Scholl, a senior majoring in corporate communications, said the little gestures would make a difference.

“Even with the recycling bins that we have, there aren’t a lot of bins,” he said. “A lot of time they put it further away than the trash bins, so a lot of times it’s about the simple things, making it more visible and making it a little more convenient.”

The Environmental Science Association next event will be a screening of the “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution” on Nov. 8.