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SGA Update: Nov. 12, 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Student Government Association came together to vote on promotional affairs and funding at their meeting Nov. 12. Of the four funding resolutions on the agenda, three were passed, leaving one resolution tabled.

College of Science, Technology and Agriculture Senator Layla Bouzihay presented designs for SGA-branded merchandise, including 300 mini hand sanitizer bottles, 400 highlighters and more than 200 water bottles. Funding of $911.31 was requested for these items, a cost which would be covered with SGA’s $4,000 promotional budget. Senators questioned the choice of items and their effectiveness for promotional purposes.

Bouzihay said items such as the water bottles would be given out for free during specific events.

College of Education Senator Jadynn Epker suggested phone cases and stickers as promotional items. She said these items are long-lasting and “multiple people can see it,” as opposed to water bottles. Senate came into an agreement to table the resolution until its next meeting.

Senators voted on granting $400 to the Southeast Missouri State Teachers Association for lodging during an annual conference. The money would cover only part of the hotel costs, SGA president Caleb Rolwing said.

“They did a lot of fundraising, so we thought we would help them out,” he said.

The resolution was passed. Of the 23 senators in attendance, one voted in opposition.

College of education Senator Katelynn McCracken spoke on behalf of the Social Studies Educators Association, which requested $667 for memberships and transportation to a conference in Chicago. McCracken said the event provides many resources for students and would be a good experience. The funding was approved, with three abstentions and one senator opposing.

Despite oppositions in other resolutions, senators unanimously agreed to fund the registration cost of $1,141.04 for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development to attend an upcoming conference.

The meeting was concluded with a unanimous vote to recognize 28 student organizations for funding for the 2018-2019 academic year, if requested.