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Rec Center adds new equipment and graphic

Monday, December 3, 2018
Picture of the Redhawk graphic located on the East gym of the Recreation Center.
Photo by Jennifer Brien

Students who utilize the Recreation Center can expect to see 11 new cardio equipment pieces, including three new treadmills and a graphic that was recently added to the facility.

“We typically like to rotate out some older pieces for new pieces each year so that students see new equipment year after year,” Recreation Services associate director Eric Redinger said.

Picture of the freemotion treadmills located on the first and second floor of the Recreation Center.
By Jennifer Brien

For this semester, the new cardio equipment pieces include: two Precor ellipticals, two Star Trac ellipticals, two Star Trac upright bikes, two Star Trac recumbent bikes” and three Freemotion high incline treadmills for the trade in of nine older pieces.

Redinger said the treadmills typically sell for $6,500 at retail price.

“We paid much less due to the bid process and trade-in of older equipment,” Redinger said.

When it came to deciding which brand of equipment to purchase, Redinger said student input is taken seriously.

“The current Freemotion treadmills are by far our most popular cardio pieces when we look at the mileage/hours of usage, so that helped steer our decision on which brand to purchase.”

The treadmills have different options, which make them popular.

“The Freemotion treadmills are called ‘incline trainers’ because you can set the incline twice as high as a standard, commercial treadmill,” Redinger said.

Two of the treadmills are located on the lower level and the third treadmill is located on the upper level.

Redinger said he hopes to trade out all older equipment for new equipment next year.

A giant Redhawk graphic was added to the East gym during fall break.

It was part of a decision to bring more branding into the Recreation Center and create a space that stirs school spirit and a sense of belonging, Redinger said.

The brainstorming of the graphic came from Redinger, but the final process of finalizing it on the wall came from Reveal Graphics, a local company specializing in branding, graphics and banners.

“Personally, I love that the giant Redhawk grabs your attention as you enter the gym and boldly states that we are Redhawks without saying a word,” Redinger said.