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Air quality concerns force early relocation of Counseling and Disability Services

Monday, January 21, 2019
Towers East temporarily houses Counseling and Disability Services.
Photo by Toslin Taylor ~ Digital Managing Editor

At the start of the spring semester Counseling and Disability Services relocated to the 11th floor of Towers East due to temporary air quality concerns in wing B of Dearmont Hall.

The relocation has allowed the department to be close to the Campus Health Clinic, which is also temporarily housed on the third floor of Towers East because of the renovations being done in Crisp Hall, the future site of both departments.

“It kind of made sense as a part of that transition just to go ahead and relocate the office as a temporary location to help facilitate that final wellness initiative in our combined move over to Crisp Hall,” student counselor Torie Grogan said.

Grogan, the former director of Counseling and Disability Services did not elaborate on the issue of air quality.

Towers Complex can be a difficult location for students to access. To get to Counseling and Disability Services, students should enter the complex from the main entrance and follow the signs up to the second floor of Towers Complex near Towers Cafe. Turn left into the third-floor entrance to access Towers East and ride the elevator up to the 11th floor. Students visiting Counseling and Disability Services are expected to follow Department of Public Safety parking-permit policies.

For students with mobility concerns, it is strongly encouraged to call the office in advance for accommodations. Students should call (573) 986-6191, to do so.

“We’re working with students diligently on a case-by-case basis to ensure they have access to the building,” Grogan said. “There are a couple points of access where we can avoid any staircases and get students directly up to the floor.”

There are emergency evacuations for all students and professionals; the department plans to follow the guidelines in the Resident Handbook. Being that Towers Complex is limited to staircase evacuation in an emergency the department will work with first responders to help any students with mobility concerns.

Grogan said although they are now operating between two active living floors, they still aim to give clients a private experience.

“It still feels like a comfortable, confidential space for students to be able to come in and feel like once they’ve accessed the floor. They have that security that they would have at our [previous] office and that confidentiality,” Grogan said.

The mid-year move was unexpected, but not unplanned. The department had been anticipating a move, but not so soon.

In Fall 2019, Counseling and Disability Services and the Campus Health Clinic will be in their permanent renovated location of Crisp Hall.

Grogan said the renovations for Crisp Hall are scheduled to be completed around July 1.

To stay up to date with the department relocation, check the student portal and the Counseling and Disability Services webpage.