Southeast Missouri State University student publication

SGA meeting 2/18

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Student Government Association received an update about upcoming changes the university and discussed funding requests from four student organizations.

President of SGA Matthew Rolwing began the meeting mentioning the Board of Regents approved to raise room and board rates for FY20.

He also mentioned the contract for the bookstore was up and the current bookstore providers, Follett Higher Education Group Inc., was awarded with the new contract.

“The university has a sponsorship with Under Armour, so one of the things they are talking about is expanding their Under Armour selection,” Rowling said. “So in the future you should see some renovations taking place in the bookstore and see more variety of different Under Armour gear they have to offer.”

He also spoke about the issue of sexual assault and reminded the senators of their role in preventing these incidents.

“As student leaders we have a voice to help prevent anything like this from happening on our campus,” Rolwing said.

SGA approved funding for the International Student Association, Campus Outreach, Print and Sculpture Club and United States Institution of Theatre and Technology.

The International Student Association was the first to be granted money with a total of $700 for their prom. They will use the money for decorations, entertainment, food and beverages.

Campus Outreach was approved to receive $500 on lodging for a St. Louis retreat.

The Print and Sculpture Club was granted $400 for registration fees to attend the Southern Graphics Council International Conference in Dallas.

Unlike the other votes, student government had their longest debate of the 2019 semester over granting $2,000 to the United States Institution of Theatre and Technology club.

Last week SGA senators decided to deny the money request of $1,200 for USITT. The group was asked to make another funding request to SGA so they could grant them more money for their trip.

Senator Payton Ruddy was one of the first to express her concerns about the new budget.

“I was aware that we were going to give them more money, but I’m confused on how we came up with this number,” Ruddy said.

Senators went onto debate with some agreeing with the budget and other thinking it was much too high.

Justin Tuschoff, serving SE chair, spoke out and amended $2,000 to $1,620 of funding.

After a long discussion, Renee Owens made a motion to end discussion. The amendment ended up passing with an 18-4-2 vote. USITT was granted $1,620 for registration fees for a conference in Chicago.

SGA’s last vote of the night was moving $12,000 from the student organization account to the discretionary account.

“The student organization account essentially is the finance committee for the funding board, that like any other committee that we report, and this is run by the treasurer,” parliamentarian chair Xander Goffinet said. “There is a lot more rules for student organization funding than there is for the Discretionary.”

SGA started the school year with $34,000 in discretionary and $32,000 in student organizations.The amendment was passed by senators, and the new balance is $19,728 for the discretionary account and $16,250 for the student organization account.