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Southeast Serves teams up with campus organizations to host Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Monday, March 4, 2019
Johanna Franke watches as her little sister test her own skills in the cup stacking game.
Photo by Madison Stuerman

Graduate assistant for Community Engagement for Campus Life & Event Services Karley Smith said that it's not always easy for college students to find ways to spend time with their littles in the local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

That's why Superhero Fun Day, a carnival-like event centered around the theme of superheroes, was put on by Student Serves with the help of 11 other organizations Sunday, Feb. 24.

Smith explained how they decided to host this event because some college students who are bigs might not have the money or access to transportation easily and this gives them something new to try together.

Members of Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Phi Epsilon watch as kids act as Hulk to smash sugar cones.
Photo by Madison Stuerman

Sophomore Katelyn Runzi took her little to the event because they wanted to experience something different from what they normally do.

“We were both really excited to go to the carnival and see what was there. My favorite part was the friendly competition between me and my little as we made our way through the games,” Runzi said. “ I also loved watching my little win tickets and she loved being able to pick out a prize from the prize table.”

Each organization was in charge of a station as the kids walked around with their big brother or sister playing games, doing crafts or enjoying snacks such as popcorn with hot chocolate.

Katelyn Runzi and her little sister working hard on one of the many crafts during this event.
Photo by Madison Stuerman

Each station was themed after a specific superhero, ranging from smashing ice cream cones with Hulk hands, pinning the star on the Captain America shield and Aquaman paintings. Other stations included testing your strength, intelligence and speed, creating masks and making superheroes out of paper bags.

The event was brought back this year to increase the number of service projects around campus.

United Way and Big Brothers Big Sisters have been partnered with Southeast for almost nine years. Their goal is to increase the number of volunteers on campus.

“I decided to do Big Brothers Big Sisters because I just like making a difference in kids lives, and I think it's a good way to do it and to give back to the community,” sophomore Johanna Franke said. “I think Cape has a lot of kids that do need it, and not even to give back, but to be their friend and someone they can talk to.”

To volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, students can sign up at or by contacting the local Cape Girardeau office at (573)339-0184.