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Moonlight movie screening provides opportunity to discuss sexuality within minority culture

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A panel discussion and screening of the movie “Moonlight” on Feb. 21 gave students an opportunity to discuss the intersection of life as an African American and homosexual.

The event was sponsored by Student Activity Council (SAC), LGBTQ Resource Center and the Black Student Union (BSU) at Rose Theater in honor of Black History Month.

“Moonlight”, which won best picture Oscar in 2017, is told as a three-part narrative bridging the childhood, adolescence and adulthood of an African-American man who survives Miami's drug-plagued inner city and finds himself battling with his own sexuality.

Student Activity Council event coordinator Kate McCraken said the movie was chosen because a lot of movies shown on campus have nothing to do with societal issues.

“We wanted to do a movie that appealed to a lot of minority groups; we just wanted an inclusive event,” McCraken said.

During the panel discussion members from each student organization gave a brief history of their background and how they dealt with sexuality while being African-American. Students were given note cards to submit questions to the panel. Panelists shared how they had hidden their sexual preferences from family members, and how they had experienced discrimination due to their race or sexual orientation.

Pride member Sam KleinSchrodt she attended the event to support not only the rights of LGBTQ, but the rights of African-Americans and their struggles that involve sexuality.

“There are things going on I did not know about in people's lives that you will never be able to understand, but with learning listening and understanding you can start to,” KleinSchrodt.

SAC president Anthony Pullman said the purpose of the screening was to put on an event that raised awareness about issues that are sometimes overlooked.