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One woman, two exemplifying awards

Friday, April 19, 2019
Assistant Director of Educational Access and Outreach Programs Tameka Randle featured in Flourish magazine in 2014.
Photo by Madison Little ~ Arrow Reporter

A staff member at Southeast received two awards within the past two months, all while proceeding to carry out her mission to the school and her community.

Assistant director of Educational Access and Outreach Programs Tameka Randle was named 573 Magazine’s Woman of the Year and the American College Testing (ACT) Postsecondary Champion for Missouri.

Randle said her position at Southeast involves creating and cultivating opportunities for students to participate in professional leadership development programs, networking with campus and community professionals and engaging in community service learning projects.

Assistant Director of Educational Access and Outreach Programs Tameka Randle was named 573 magazine’s woman of the year and shortly after named the American College Testing (ACT) Postsecondary Champion for Missouri.
Photo by Madison Little ~ Arrow Reporter

“I like to try to get the students thinking and learning things outside of these institutional walls,” Randle said.

She serves as the vice president of the Gibson Recovery Center and a committee member of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Tameka has previously served as strategic planning, teaching and learning committee member of the Cape Public School District; and the board director and finance committee member of the Safe House for Women.

“I am passionate about being in these positions to serve and make decisions that will help change the trajectory of individuals on campus and within our communities,” she said.

As for her position at Southeast, she said she wants to establish and build relationships with students to ensure they acquire access, find resources, make connections, explore opportunities and gain experience that will enhance their professional lives.

Randle said the Woman of the Year award focuses on the passion an individual displays, being an overall positive person, contributing back to the community and making a difference any possible way you can.

In an article written in the 573 Magazine written by Denelle Smugala, she notes when it comes to selecting the Woman of the Year the publication’s panel look at the hundreds of people they have come across throughout the last year and pick out who is the most deserving.

Randle received an email from both the 573 Magazine and ACT state council with the news.

“At first I was overwhelmed with joy to be considered as a leader and receive the Woman of the Year title,” she said. “Representing the area is awesome, and being the postsecondary award solidifies all the work I have been doing.”

Assistant professor Sherry Copeland nominated Randle for the ACT Postsecondary Champion for Missouri.

“We worked at the Cape Public School District together when she was the assistant superintendent,” she said. “We worked with the school district together and now we are working with the students here at Southeast.”

According to, to qualify for the postsecondary champion, the nominee has to be a full-time professional making a difference for learners in their role at a higher education institution.

“This award goes to a person that exemplifies the work that ACT does for students and helping them become college ready to transition into a career,” Randle said.

Southeast has a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters and she said this played a role in receiving the award.

She said they help those students gain college access, and the collegiate level students reach academic attainment.

“I am motivated every day to assist students with their career paths as they solve problems, explore possibilities and achieve academic excellence while in pursuit of career aspirations to achieve success,” Randle said.