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SGA held its last meeting of the 2019 spring semester

Monday, May 6, 2019

SGA added a new bylaw for presidential duties and passed increases of student fees for FY20 and FY21 at its last meeting of the Spring 2019 semester, April 22

Student representative to the board of regents Luke LeGrand talked about the interviews for a new provost.

He said the first of four interviews, held on April 22, went well. The second interview was April 24. in the University Center Board room. Interviews will follow next Monday and Wednesday. He said the interviews are open for anyone to attend.

A maintenance and repair student fee increase for the FY20 and FY21 school years was voted on and passed. The increase is $2 in the FY20 and another $2 in FY21 to help maintenance projects. The total change in student fees is $42.80 in FY20 and $48.80 in FY21.

Freshman senator Justin Tuschoff spoke on the students’ behalf about the increase.

“I have spoke with students in my biology class on campus and the students seemed to understand what the money was being used for, why we need these increases,” Tuschoff said. “Most of the people in this class are freshmen and sophomores, so they will be here to pay these fees and they all seemed to be understanding on what we needed these increases for.”

SGA ended it’s meeting by approving the recommendations for tuition fee increase for FY20 that will be made to the Board of Regents, April 24.

Senate also voted to add a bylaw to the presidential duties.

The bylaw reads, “If the chief officer is removed from or vacates their position the Vice President shall assume the role and appoint a Vice President if deemed necessary by a majority vote by the senate.”

Campus Safety Committee chair Grace Grzywa said it was added just in case there was a situation similar to one that happened this year.

SGA president Matthew Rolwing was removed from his position with only three senate meetings left. He was removed due to excessive absences, in accordance to SGA absentee policy.

“I think this is a good idea because this year we were so late in the semester when the change happened that if I had to step fully in the role and appoint a vice president, it would of been somebody that would have knew all the information and how to set things up,” vice president Eli Bohnert said.