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SAC brings Wild ’n Out to Southeast

Sunday, September 22, 2019
Photo by Jelani Days

Students were brought together by laughter and entertainment at the Student Activities Council’s production of the MTV series “Wild ’n Out” at Academic Hall.

On Sept. 13, this student-led version of “Wild ’n Out” consisted of segments mimicking the show, which was strictly improvisation by all participants.

Because the show includes two teams — the Black Squad and Red Squad — students in the audience were able to join a team and participate in the different segments.

SAC President Anthony Pulliam shared the ideas behind the decision to sponsor an event.

“We realized we needed to have some type of comedy show this semester just because it’s always fun to have a comedy aspect each year,” Pulliam said. “We also wanted to find something that will reach students that are our similar in age and demographic, so this was the best choice for that.”

He also shared what he’d want attendees to gain from the event.

“I want them to realize cultural backgrounds and styles of comedy just because we will have a variety of students up on stage performing,” he said. “Ultimately, the hope is to bring everyone together.”

A couple of improvisation segments mimicked from the show were “Rap Battle,” “Plead the Fifth,” “Family Reunion” and “Chicknapper.”

Senior Tyrone Jones participated in “Family Reunion” and compared his experience to the TV show.

“Family reunion was my favorite because I got to go in the crowd and get them involved, and that was the best part,” he said. “We did our best and hit all the main categories, so it was similar.”

For Senior Kionna Collins, the best part of the event was watching people in the audience participate in segments.

“My favorite segment was the rap battle that they did towards the end when they kept going back and forth, but I also liked when they went into the crowd and were interactive,” Collins said.

Collins said she thought the segment most closely resembling the show was “Plead the fifth,” when they put the contestants on the hot seat and asked them questions and one can choose to plead the Fifth.

She added she would like to see the show come back to Southeast, but she hopes to see more crowd involvement next time.

Continuing the fun and entertainment, SAC will take students on a trip to Six Flags Fright Fest on Saturday, Oct. 5.

For more information, contact Student Activities Council at or locate their office at room 204S at the UC.