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False alarm for gas leak on Greek Hill

Friday, January 31, 2020
Firefighters from the Cape Girardeau Fire Department gather outside the J building on Greek Hill to address a possible gas leak on Thursday, Jan. 30.
Photo by Ally Bruemmer

The Cape Girardeau Fire Department responded to a possible gas leak on Southeast’s campus at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 30.

Director of Facilities Management Angela Meyer said concerns stemmed from an odor wafting into J building on Greek Hill caused by construction equipment.

“Our contractors are currently working on the tunnel project, and the use of the equipment, the mechanical equipment, drew in the exhaust from the equipment causing an odor,” Meyer said.

The fire department evacuated the building, and removed the odor using large fans. Meyer said after about 30 minutes to an hour, the fire department gave the “all clear” for students to return indoors.

In addition to the fire department, Residence Life, Facilities Management and Southeast Department of Public Safety were on the scene to assess and manage the issue.

Meyer said Facilities Management is working with contractors to ensure students remain safe during the construction process.

“We're working with the contractor to continue to improve how they operate around the facilities to hopefully mitigate and not have this issue come up again,” Meyer said.