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Let's talk about … orgasms?

Monday, February 3, 2020
Sex educators will come to SEMO on Wednesday, Feb. 5th and educate students on Orgasms.

Did someone say … orgasms?

Sex educators Marshall Miller and Rachel Dart will present “I Love Female Orgasm” on Wednesday, Feb. 5., hosted by Southeast’s Student Activities Council.

College seems to be the time where students began to learn more about themselves and operate as sexual beings. Orgasms also seem to be the last on the radar of conversation.

Sex educator Lindsay Fram explained what the program is and student's reactions regarding this topic.

“The program really is all about orgasm, and it’s designed for people of all genders and sexual orientations,” Fram said. “Students are sometimes surprised that we really do cover it all: the G-spot, multiple O’s, how to have your first, how to help your partner — and it’s really funny too.”

Co-author of the book, “I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide,” Marshall Miller explained how orgasms are all about pleasure, a topic Miller said is not typically discussed in sex education classes.

“High school classes often teach about anatomy, reproduction, and disease, but they rarely address pleasure,” Miller said. “That’s pretty sad given that pleasure is a core part of sex for most people.”

While orgasms are not the only topic discussed, they are part of another conversation.

“Our work is one small piece of a larger movement that says that is is good for people of all genders and sexual orientations to have access to accurate information about sexuality,” Miller said. “Some people will use that information right away; others will wait until they’re married or in a long term relationship.

Miller explained research shows people who are well-informed are more likely to make responsible choices, whenever the time is right for them.

Because sex can be an uncomfortable topic, Wednesday’s presenters plan to cover it all with humor to ease the tension of all the information.

“It’s often easier to learn when you’re having a good time, especially with a topic like sex that’s wrapped up with so much shame, guilt, misinformation and conflicting messages,” Miller said. “Helping people feel comfortable is the first step to creating a safe place to learn — and let’s be honest, sex is inherently funny.”

The educators of the “I Love Orgasm” program have goals of its own.

“I hope people of all genders will leave more comfortable with sexuality and more empowered to talk and learn more, regardless of whether they are sexually active now or won't be for a long time,” Fram said.

“I want students to leave hungry for more information,” Miller said.

Miller explained sexuality is a fascinating subject, and learning more about it encourages positive choices.

Students can attend this event and be more informed about sex on Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. in Rose Theater.