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Video interview increases leave students on their toes

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

As the world tries to find a new normal, college students continue to find new ways to succeed. Despite the challenges of covid-19, students still have to move forward to obtain jobs, internships, graduate assistantships and more. As a result, video interviews have become the most common way to introduce employers and future employees.

These are the stories of a few students who have participated in video interviews:

Sony’e Turner

Junior, Southeast Missouri State University

Interview: Amazon delivery driver

Turner said she liked the video interview better than face-to-face because it made her less nervous. She said she appreciates the opportunity to do her interview outside of an original setting, but sometimes there can be connectivity issues.

“Only advice I would give is to make sure you are in a quiet setting, dress professional[ly] — at least have a professional top, and to make sure you are in an area with good service.”

Ray Stewart

Graduating senior, Truman State University

Interview: Graduate school/graduate assistantships

Stewart interviewed at five schools for graduate assistantships, in person and virtually. He said he prefers face-to-face interviews because it allows a student to imagine themselves on their potentially new campus.

“I appreciate the opportunity to experience a virtual interview because it allows you to do multiple interviews in a day and it is cheaper than traveling. My advice to any graduating student is to start writing down any thought you have about the life you want after undergrad and pay attention to what you write about your life outside of a job or school. Set a boundary around those and treat them as nonnegotiable as possible. Graduate school is an investment into yourself and the fit has to be right.”

Ke-La Harris

Graduating senior, Southeast Missouri State University

Interview: Middle school math teacher

Harris said she likes video interviews better than face-to-face because they allowed her to be in the comfort of her own home while still maintaining professionalism. However, she said oftentimes, herself or the interviewer experienced delayed speaking.

“Some advice I would give is to still remain professional at all times by dressing up and speaking properly. Know your information, take it seriously, and have a clean background.”

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