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SGA approves one-year contract extension for SELink

Thursday, November 19, 2020

SELink was a subject of debate during the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting Monday, Nov. 11.

Sen. Sophie Machen said the SELink Evaluation Committee needs additional time to look at platforms capable of replacing SELink. SGA Vice President Annie Martin proposed Southeast’s SELink contract be extended for another year through resolution 21_10_B.

Student leaders shared personal views on the possible contract extension and platform replacement during a time of discussion.

Sen. Joseph Norman suggested the Southeast mobile app receive design and interface upgrades instead of utilizing a new platform.

“Students would be more likely to check things on an app because of the ease of access,” Norman said.

Vice President Martin reminded SGA members a Southeast mobile app upgrade was suggested in past discussions with Assistant Vice President of Information Technology Floyd Davenport. She said the Informational Technology department is looking to move in a different direction.

The transition from SELink to a different platform was a focus point among senators.

The SELink Evaluation committee said they plan to facilitate the transition from platform to platform.

Sen. Machen said students will get a chance to utilize the new platform while still having access to SELink to allow room for trial and error.

“At one point, we’ll be paying for two programs,” Machen said.

Student leaders questioned the committee's timing of finding choices capable of replacing SELink.

Sen. Layla Bouzihay asked the evaluation committee for a full review of their platform replacement plan.

SGA President Logan Phillips said, “The goal is that we will have another option after the end of our contract with SELink.”

Sen. Machen said the evaluation committee will narrow its several choices to two or three platforms for SGA members to vote on within the next year.

All members voted unanimously, approving the contract extension.

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